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Juno Reactor are a Goa Techno from Mostly south africa as far as i know and have really pioneered one of the most unique brilliant and infectious genre of music around. The matrix movies (and crimson fire) got me into them and i'm absolutely fuckin Hooked...


Words again cannot describe what im putting forth, so here goes..


This is navras, with a matrix video to it



This is Mona lisa overdrive, with a video that doesn't have to be watched, just the song listened to...



And The Forest & Conga Fury


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you wanna know why clubs dont play this stuff...


1, cuz clubs suck and arent like the clubs you see in movies.


2, cuz clubs suck and want to just promote remixes of already way over played songs


3, cuz clubs suck.


That complaint would be more towards crim, i dont go to clubs on the strength that most of the people who frequent them have a braincell between them all, and are all incapable of drinking without fighting. The fact that everyone looks the same and dresses the same also annoys me.

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