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John McLane vs. Martin Riggs


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Who is the King of the 80's Supercop sequel movies?


Will it be Bruce Willis playing John McLane, the cop who seems to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time, yet still manages to kick the shit out of every German in the building (who also managed to get 3 and possibly a 4th sequel)... or will it be Mel Gibson playing Martin Riggs, the wild-eyed retired special-ops guy who decided to be a cop and get permission to roll on the ground & blow people's knees out (while also getting a whopping 4 sequels).


Or, will the victor be Beverly Hills Cop himself, Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley who somehow managed to survive the whole 80's put-a-comedian-in-an-action-movie craze and still get 3 sequels out of this character.

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I say...

McLaine, in his badass fashion, gets beat up by anyone who knows any kind of kung fu, but then blasts em away in the end.

Riggs quits, citing "Im too old for this shit."



However, his partner, Danny Glover, goes on to kill a Predator


"How the hell did i do that...?"


Mclaine, still fightin a hangover, kills Eddie Murphy, who was busy pickin up a male hooker.


"damn bush bitches!"



"Yippe-ki-yay, motherfucker!"

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McLaine is good at sneaky shit, ambushes and the like. But in a straight up fight he gets his ass kicked. Look at the fight on the plane in DH2.


Axel Foley, is probably a better cop than either of them but he's more mouth than fighting. (though he can fight).


Riggs has the moves. He'll win at hand to hand. And since he didn't kill himself in pt 2 after his South African gf died, then It's safe to assume that possibility is out.

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Such nonsense.  Mclaine is great hand to hand, just has a hard time iwth kung fu whilst standin on a movin jet, you crazy whores.

Plus, he can take a beatin.  That man has been through hell & back, in part 1 alone....Riggs couldnt even shoot Jet Li when he had the chance.

"Next time you have a chance to keel a man, take it!"

*pops the man 3 times in the nuts through a table*

"Thanks for the advice."

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