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It's such a fine line between a good man and a


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Well, I'll level with you: that sounds pretty gay. But I figured I'd use this perfectly good virgin thread instead of making a new one.


Just finished the Jekyll miniseries from 2007 Cool show. I especially liked the first few episodes, where they deal more with the minutia - how they schedule sharing a body and rules (i.e. Hyde has to wear a condom, Jekyll would really like to be told where his car is parked and whether or not the prostitute has already been paid. Hyde can't kill anyone because Jekyll would just turn himself in, Jekyll can't look for a cure or Hyde eats a bullet). I kinda wish they just had no special effects instead of the occasional lame jerky-camera monster mouth shots. It's really James Nesbitts acting that carries the show.


Some sploiler free clips from early on



Anyone else seen this?

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