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greatest ff4 character



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You know my feelings on this subject. Rydia is the best.  She can summon great monsters and cast the best black magic.  She even had white magic when she was younger.      Bahamut and Meteo - need I say more.  And you know Leviatan saved us on many an occasion.  Kain stabs us in the back many a time and slows our progress with getting the crystals.  Rydia ends basically every battle, and is crucial to the success of the team.   Let's not forget she is also pretty handy with a bow and arrow.  She wins hands down.

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My god, i will troll here if Edward & FuSoYa dont get any votes!

Oh sure, bash away at Eddie...the man's not courageous & motivated like the others....so, he's a pussy. Big deal.  Lots of people are; you just expect this poor spoony bard to pick up a flamethrower and yell "yo joe!"? The man ran 'cause it was all he knew!  Crap, even Tellah bitchslapped him.

FuSoYa...yeah, we got real attatched to him, i think he was around for about 1 dungeon or so.  And who can forget a name like that? I bet all guys onna moon have them names.

PS by the way there's lotsa spoilers there but fuck it, you aint played this by now youre not gonna.

PPS Kain was pretty damn cool but my vote goes for Edge; sure he came in damn near last, but the fucker had to kill his own parents, and he was pretty tough against Rubicant as well (well, not the 1st time).  Plus he threw shit...fuck it, the man was a ninja! That's cooler than a summoner.


And hey where's the damn twins?

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My vote goes to Edge hands down! Let's face it, in the final battle, Edge does the most damage. Seems like almost everytime I battle Zeromus, Edge always seems to do a whopping 30,000-40,000 damage total just with his Dart command (shooting the Spoon Dagger, excalibur, Defense etc,). Oh and this is not with the replicating cheat technique. With it I can replicate Excaliburs and Edge is a powerhouse in battle!!!

Also Edge has THREE different commands! Dart, Sneak, and Ninja! The only other person in the entire game to ever have 3 different commands was kid Rydia (White, Black, Call). :D

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