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  1. Taken from Wikipedia.org in the entry for the first movie:
  2. FYI, whoever changed my personal tag can go fuck themselves!!! It's shit like this is why I been away from Hondo's for so long... :anger: :anger: :anger: :anger:
  3. It really annoys me how a lot of people are blaming the whole Tonight Show fiasco on Jay Leno. If anyone is to blame, it's the NBC execs. Had they not rocked the late night boat to begin with, things would've been honky-dory, but noooo! Apparantly none of them have heard the saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Look at how the late night format was BEFORE the change. Both Jay and Conan were at the tops of their games. Jay was killing with the Tonight Show crowd, and Conan was killing the Late Night crowd. But somewhere down the line, NBC had some foolish paranoiac fear that Conan w
  4. Why do you feel the need to make such insulting remarks against those who don't share your love for Conan? LMAO! How funny, just earlier I was trying to think of a funny acronym for NBC. Good one MH!!!
  5. This shows that NBC should've never rocked the boat to begin with. Both Jay and Conan were making killings with the ratings when they were at their original time slots. Only when NBC had that paranoid fear of Conan jumping ship from their network when his contract expired that they decided to mix things up, and that's when the shit just started hitting the fan and did not stop. I just find it ironic that back in 2004, NBC bent itself over backwards to try to keep Conan on their network, and now they could care less, and are willing to burn $40+ million just to let him go. My pers
  6. And Jax wonders why I went into hiatus for so long....
  7. Can't help it, I try and try to get into Conan, but he just doesn't do it for me. His style of humor just doesn't rub me the right way and even when he does spout out a joke or line I think IS funny, he drags it out to the point that it just isn't amusing anymore. If he's more your cup of tea, then more power to you, but he's just not for me, sorry. Bad news for Conan fans, looks like Conan won't be hosting the Tonight Show any longer. Check out the article below: Conan O'Brien Likely to End Hosting Tonight Show on Jan 22nd.
  8. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :ohface: :ohface:
  9. Oops, I think I meant to say SPIDERMAN and not SUPERMAN, but hey so long as it kept the thread going. Isn't it already the title of this thread?
  10. I hope they give the Tonight Show back to Jay Leno. Seriously I just can't stand Conan. Say what you will, but I just think the man's just NOT FUNNY AT ALL! And NBC knows it, otherwise they would've had no qualms about letting Jay Leno loose to go to some other network, but they knew if he did that, he would kick Conan's ass on the ratings big time, so they instead keep him on a leash and give him his own show.
  11. The thing is the reboot of Hulk came after the original Hulk sucked balls at the box office, but with Superman, all the previous movies were great and successful. Why mess up an already successful franchise to chance it on re-inventing the series??
  12. Well true, but I also figured a lotta comic book movie fans on here, and since this is BIG news, and no one else had posted about it yet, I figured it was a special occasion.
  13. Looks like there won't be a Spider-Man 4 in the works anymore. Sam Raimi is out, and Sony Pictures is talking about rebooting the series. Full article and excerpts can be found in this link below: http://www.deadline.com/hollywood/urgent-s...reboot-planned/

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