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wiki sums it up best:


WiiWare (Wii Software in Europe) is a portion of the Wii Shop Channel that specializes in applications and games specifically designed for the Wii video game console. These applications and games are also collectively known as "WiiWare".


The WiiWare section is being touted as a forum to provide developers with small budgets to release innovative, original, and smaller-scale games without the investment and risk of creating a title to be sold at retail (somewhat akin to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Store). According to Nintendo the "remarkable motion controls will give birth to fresh takes on established genres, as well as original ideas that currently exist only in developers' minds". Nintendo will handle all pricing options for the downloadable games.


Just like Virtual Console games, WiiWare is purchased using Wii Points.


The list is shaping up (new Dr. Mario, Bomberman, Tetris, FF: Crystal Chronicles, a Space Invader that lets you invade, and such), but there's 2 games to watch for: Eternity's Child, and of course - Strong Bads Cool Game For Attractive People!




ok, that's not gameplay, but this is: Photo gallery here, info here. I'm so in for episodic Strongbad gaming; this shouldve been done long ago, if not for fhqwhgads.

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i think pricing info's kinda scarce at the moment. to be honest, my biggest question right now is: is this gonna be what pushes nintendo into at least adapting a hard drive? theyve got USB and such, no reason not to, but its fucking nintendo, who only go kicking & screaming into the online world.


personally, i think this is overdue; sony may be taking too long to get their serious online system going, but there's enough in place right now to make games work smooth. I was happy when they announced an old Nintendo Power issue channel, but we all knew they were gonna want in on the micro-transaction love, and seriously, not having a way to play (or even stream) demos strikes me as wasteful. again, my bitching will cease when Strongbad is ready, and skeeter, if you're not aware & bored at work, please, please visit Homestar Runner.com and spend some time on Strongbad's emails, so many inside jokes here at hondo's.

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Strong Bad Now A Game


Telltale Games announced that it will release Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People in June, based on the popular Homestar Runner cartoon. The game will be released as an episodic adventure downloadable for the PC and through WiiWare (Nintendo’s soon-to-launch downloadable game framework). A new episode will be available every month.


"Strong Bad is a great game character because he tends to speak his mind and do whatever he pleases," executive producer Brett Tosti told SCI FI Wire. "I mean, he's the self-proclaimed sexiest and most awesome guy around. This bold attitude often gets him into awkwardly hilarious situations, which we plan to exploit to the fullest."


Homestar Runner is the creation of Matt and Mike Chapman and features characters such as Homestar Runner and Marzipan. Strong Bad--the aggressive strong man in a wrestling mask with a wry sense of irony--is an e-mail-correspondent host and designer of games involving the dragon Trogdor the Burninator. But in the game, he becomes the lead character in an adventure set in the Homestar Runner universe.


Each episode will feature Homestar Runner-inspired plots in point-and-click-style adventures filled with minigames, Strong Bad e-mails and prank phone calls. Players get to play Strong Bad, helping Homestar when it is charged with indecency.


The Chapmans are working with Telltale Games on the title and will also provide the voices. Videlectrix, the developer that created the peasant-mashing game Trogdor! and the text adventure Peasant's Quest, is also working with Telltale.


Lead designer Mark Darin said that he is excited to be working on the game. "Working with the Chapmans is about as awesome as you'd expect, assuming you expect it to be a lot like getting together with your crazy college buddies, and the next thing you know, someone pulls out a puppet!" Darin said. "It's so easy to get pulled into the Homestar Runner universe that exists in their heads when they're around. I think that's why this game feels so much like the cartoons." --Kyle Ackerman

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