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The Sarah Jane Adventures

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Sarah Jane Adventures was created with Children in mind, as Torchwood was created for Adults. I would certainly rank the second series of Torchwood above the first series of Sarah Jane, which is above the first Series of Torchwood, and all beneath the might of their pappa Doctor Who.


You'll probably be happy to know that they got rid of that obnoxious black girl and never ever mention her again. I sure was.


As I said above, Sarah Jane Adventures is more for children, something of a watered down Doctor Who that revolves around Sarah Jane playing the role of The Doctor to a group of small schoolchildren. I felt a certain degree of... horrible cheesiness to it, but the characters are endearing, the threats they seek to stop are quite serious, and I believe it stands alone as a show quite well.


Everything there is to love in Doctor Who is there with Sarah Jane. Often even, her adopted son sort of takes the role of The Doctor on himself, figuring out the technological "jiggery-pokery" that he's loved for. I'm just afraid that their constant similarities to the show could eventually be its downfall - why watch Doctor Lite when you can watch the Doctor Proper. The fact that they borrow the Slitheen for not one but two story arcs of the six arcs of the season spoke to a lack of imagination on their part, for instance.

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