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The Great Yokai War

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Cj watched this. He mentioned to me that it's badass, and prolly the only Miike "folk lore fairytale-ish" kids movie ever made. Good special effects, decent story... Looks like I'll have to watch this myself!


He also mentioned that considering the movies Miike has done, that it's kind of weird for him to do a kids movie, but that it's good!

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yeah, exactly the same as Junker - i mean, i think of Miike, i think of Ichi the Killer and such, so this does indeed stand out, but he kept swearing this was the best thing he'd seen this year, outside of Speed Racer, apparently.

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Watched this with Sen the other day, and yeah, it was actually pretty awesome.


The Yokai are done rather well, with crazy effects/costumes that seem to leap right out of japanese folklore at times. Its got its slightly dark moments but overall comes off like one of those good epic ones to show kids that wont bore the shit out of you in the process, so props to Miike for pulling this off. Im told he's capable of weird shit (didnt finish seeing Hapiness of the Katakuris) but this was a really cool surprise, if even outta left field.

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