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Hear ye, Hear ye! Now recruting for GS3


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GemStone III: Hot Summer Nights starts May 30th and lasts for 14 weeks! ALL SUMMER LONG!


New Features!


Every week from Thursday through Saturday, GemStone III will bring you amazing game enhancements.


New Roleplaying Opportunities:


Fabulous new tools for roleplaying your character: new roleplaying verbs, character feature updates, character history systems, racial histories and so much more!


New System or Profession Releases:


New profession or game-play features: spells, foraging updates, guild updates and much, much more!


New Area Expansions:


Dozens of updates to existing cities and hunting areas to upgrade town systems, or extend hunting opportunities! New shops, more convenience, more hunting!




Every week from Thursday through Saturday evening, the staff of GemStone III will bring you a new themed festival somewhere within the world of Elanthia!




OK granted it sounds like a bad porno flick but its actually a Text based online medival roleplaying game that actually has a massive following.  I've been playing since 1997 (on and off) and its really the best game i've played.  I recently left EQ to return to Gem and turned down Dark ages of Camelot to stay in gem. Now that there latest promotion has started its really a good time to join and i thought i'd put the offer out there for you all.


No need to worry about requirements, damn near ANY pc can run the front end software and a 28.8 connection is good enough so even the guyanese can play  :D


And yeah its text, you do have to read. Wait! dont run screaming in terror just yet! its very well done, not hard to learn how to play and really if you have a good imagination you can get alot out of it.


Its a very fun environment, A huge game world with tons of towns, races and proffessions. All spellcasting characters have unique spells specific to theri class, everyone has a role in society. Healing, ressurecting, lockpicking, forging, enchanting and lots of more class specific skills. An easy and strategic training system and an easy interface to roll characters.


Also now you can try the game without even using a credit card for the free trial through the microsoft gaming zone. Kym and myself both play and can help guide anyone who wishes to honestly give the game a try. (glances at nick) come on man trust me you'll like it. I almost had you once!


Heres a link with more info if any of ya'll are interested, or Email me at the400lbgorilla@hotmail.com




Its a link to their home page, then click on the info link on the top right for beginner stuff. Hope this get some of ya'lls curiosity goin and brings a few in, i honestly think alot of you would enjoy it.




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But...but there's no pictures? None??

I...i dont understand... :scared: :emotions:


Bah, youll get your chance when I'm livin spittin distance from your home.  Dont think i havent noticed those salesmanship skills Service Merchandise imbued ya with. :D



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Irishninja swings a gleaming crystal-edged longsword at a Drunken Mexican!

AS: +74 vs DS: +26 with AvD: +41 + d100 roll: +53 = +142

  ... and hit for 19 points of damage!

  Slash to the Drunken Mexican's shield arm.

  Strike trims off a few fingernails.


** Irishninja's crystal-edged longsword emits a searing bolt of lightning! **

  ... 30 points of damage!

  Heavy shock gives the Drunken Mexican fits!

  It is knocked to the ground!

  The drunken mexican is stunned!

Roundtime: 5 sec.


See? ya dont need pictures to have fun. I can picture what THIS attack looks like much better that any game engine can possible depict it. }:^)


(**Disclaimer** Any comparisons with an ACTUAL event in a certain florida Dorm is purely coincidental...:wary:)


~Lord TD

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