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Me too. I just found out the Ultimate X-Men & Spidey hardback trades have sketches & reprint some cool shit...hardback Sandman ones, those are even harder to come by. Lotta trades, lotta $....do the auctions at least sound good?

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Bam! 15 auctions up right now, 3 just sold today - Ultimate Spider-Man, Preacher, and Sandman, clearing a hefty amount for em. Lot of other good ones up too...dont expect any buyers from here, but just in case ya wanna take a look, check out the descriptions & such, go to Ebay & look up seller "TheIrishCowboy"...next 2 months worth of rent paid so far! Now to shop around for hardback trades... :D

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7 Auctions sold...bought back most of the trades & got some of next month's rent to boot...tho Ebay wants like a hundred bucks so far. 28 auctions up now, bout 20 left to go...wish me luck, people.


Overstock.com & Buy.com have helped me replace a lotta shit, tho Buy.com's dicking with me. Oh, just in case you guys have/know where to find em cheap...


Trades i need to replace:

X-Men: Age of Apocalypse (the thin gold foil trades...used to be everywhere)

Kingdom Come - hardback, i got Jumbie's for now tho

Sandman - (Hardcover) Dream Country, Preludes & Nocturnes, Doll's House, Season of Mists, The Kindly Ones

Death: Time of your life & High Cost of Living (hardcover..yeah im picky)

Transmetropolitan - Dirge, Lust for Life, The New Scum

Scud the disposable assassin - Heavy 3PO, Programmed for Damage, Solid Gold, The Yellow Horseman - fuckin no one has these & the home page ignores me..

Bone 3-7 hardcover

Chasing Dogma, Clerks TPB

X-Statix - Good Omens, Good Guys & Bad Guys

Wolverine: Not Dead Yet (Ellis)

The Maxx - They really need to put more trades on this one.

Apache Skies

Just A Pilgrim

Battle Chasers (fuck you, Joe Mad)

Vagabond TPB 5

Daredevil: Gaurdian Devil HC Deluxe (Silent Bob pointed this one out; watchin some auctions)

..oh, and :D said to get Frank Miller's "Martha Washington Goes to War".


Shit i wish they'd fucking put in trade already:

Hitman: anything past "Who Dares Wins'..cmon, this series was excellent!

Hellblazer: Rake at the Gates of Hell - Ennis' finale...only one unpublished, dammit!

Pride & Joy - Excellent Ennis mini-series


Anyway, been a lotta selling & picking up trades lately, thought i'd discuss it a bit.

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Nah, part of my winnings picked up Earth X's deluxe hardcover edition - tons of sketches, extras, the box is shaped like X-51, orchestral soundtrack...its really cool. Its in black & white but it doesnt seem to take from the art...thing usually coasts between $125-150, someone made a typo on the auction & i got lucky, picked it up for about $35....

but nah havent got the Universe X trade yet. Mebbe later. Daredevil just sold, lemme go bug the winner.

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