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Has Garth Ennis passed his prime?

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Well, it seems Fury's sucess landed it a regular series in a few month's time, but no Ennis, sadly.

Only, wha, 2 more shit issues of Punisher left till he's back on, right?

Swear to god, im writin in to Just A Pilgrim soon, ill crap myself if he does another new, regular series of his own again any time soon, especially if its Vertigo.

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Hmmm...yet another thread that I'm miles behind (hell, I wasn't even registered when it started...) but I think that if there was any thoughts of Ennis being past his prime his last few issues of Punisher (the "Confereracy of Dunces" storyline and for shits and giggles I'm gonna put "Born" in here too) and "Thor: Vikings" shows that he's still got it.


I usually wouldn't piss on the Asgardian - except the Ultimate one :D - but I really dug "Vikings". He did a pretty kick ass Dr. Strange t'boot. Strange is definitly one of those charcters that has alot of po' as we say in the 'hood, but he never really gets any respect (see Rodney Dangerfield and Aretha Franklin). Stratzizzlemuggaflugga *whatever his name is* did him good in "Amazing Spiderman" but I think that's the only time I saw him done good. I blame Midnight Sons - but that's just me...


So in January we get MAX "Punisher" 1 and 2. Yeah, the Marvel Knights book was very hit and miss, but after "Born" I think it's safe to say that the new book could be the best Punisher series yet.


He's still got it I tells ya...

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True, and Ive heard rumors of a War Story HC in the works, id really dig that. He's like any writer: hits and misses. For comedy ones i loved like the Pro, i honeslty wont like Dicks as much. Again, he got his opus Preacher out there, i dont think its all downhill from there. And that upcoming Vertigo series with him & Dillon sounds promising too, gotta find where i posted bout that one.

Punisher was weak between "Brotherhood" and the current arc, ill admit. And on his bad days...you get Bloody Mary (eh), ass-awful Batman storylines, Goddess (wasnt my thing), and some other stuff. On his good days, I still think he's one of the best out there.

But no one cuts him slack, he's still called the Tarentino of comics by many. I mean, cmon, even Frank Miller did Spawn/Batman and DK2, i dont think the man's washed up. When Ennis hits that "put me out to pasture" point that Chris Cleremont & John Byrne have, itll be just as obvious.

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