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I'm pretty sure it was Stillbored who brought it to my attention... Or was it Baytor?


ANyways, TV tropes seems to be a modified wiki, so there's TONS of stuff thrown on there from all over. It's full of anme stuff, but it extends to Movies, Books, even REAL LIFE.

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awesome website! i found a cool one right off the bat:An Absurdly Sharp Blade is somehow so sharp that it can literally cut through almost anything, regardless of the fact that the blade's wielder would still need to be strong enough to force the blade through the object to be cut. Most such blades seem to be made out of Unobtainium, because the edges never seem to get dull. Other blades have edges only a single molecule wide, letting them slice through otherwise impenetrable materials, despite the fact that such an edge would otherwise very easily snap shortly after the first swing (or at least be ground down). Blades like this almost always (almostalways... not absolutely always) create a Clean Cut. This trope doesn't cover lightsabers or other energy swords, as they at least have justification for being able to cut through anything. Moot point for vibroweapons: get a high-frequency transducer powerful enough to allow "drilling" through brick by pressing a blunt metal rod into it, and anything touched byany blade it drives will be more sawed than cut, even in "almost instant" contact.thanks for bringin this place to my attention. lol :no:

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