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Meth & Red: Blackout! 2


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shit, i didnt even know it came out already! so awesome.


Review's looking good, this is the last album since 8 diagrams im actually feeling compelled to go purchase & support, despite it just sitting there while i listen to the mp3s afterwards, natch. crazy to think its been 10 years since the last one, but even only having heard the single i posted above, im already hyped to see quality hip-hop still being made.


oh, for the other 3 people reading this: Eminem's new album's also out apparently, and its getting high marks thus far too (from what little ive seen). Ill make a thread or just bump the Em one when ive heard it.

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so panch, dont know if youve heard, Budden ran off at the mouth about some weird Vibe magazine "best rapper" ranking shit online, and Meth and Red responded, check it out - Meth's got a nicer freestyle than i thought, but Redman tears it up.


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you anti-lyrics kids drive me nuts


which did you listen to, the first single or the beef track i posted today? cause that one's not gonna be for everybody. if you want some good hip-hop instrumentals, though, check out my first post in this thread.


Panch - fixed the link, check it out when you can.

sneaker pimps? :cheers:


I DL'd that Samurai Champloo uber-torrent remember? So I've got every Fat Jon & Nujabes album to keep me busy for the next few years. Not to mention the Tsutchie album and the SC OSTs themselves.


I scanned the whole Blackout 2 album. I kept like 3 tracks (AYO! was one of 'em) and threw 'em on my iPod for rotation.

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