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  1. i forgot to mention money. i cant afford to buy an extra system just cause i cant play crackdown. i can try another console at a buddy's house but in the end im playing the game, not the 360. btw the only console deserving of exclusive titles is the Wii for A: the wacky controls and B: i just think it would not be right to have mario and kratos on the same team. the next smash bros would a gorefest.......... or is that a good thing??? lol
  2. i hate excluse games. its an unfair practice that needs to end. it seems like the people that make the games would want as many people as possible to enjoy their game (c'mon valve. left 4 dead for ps3 isnt too much to ask). i can understand a sony or microsoft published game staying to one system, but when the third parties pick sides is when people start losing. i say give 360 owners a chance to experience the awesomeness of God of War and let us ps3 owners see the hype behind Halo. or at least let us break our vault dweller's level cap. That DLC shit is just wrong!
  3. haha hell yea man i got the good one lol
  4. did you stay after the credits? it was totally redeeming
  5. deadpool was treated just fine. they just took it a step further. didnt know if that was really spoiler worthy but you never know
  6. i hope they do a bioshock and release part 1 for ps3. its pretty annoying when they make a sequel for all platforms when the first one was exclusive...... ex: saints row. i see this happening with crackdown which i really wanna try out. this barely happens though cause saints row is the only one i can really think of.
  7. so true. that shoulda been the first place i looked lol
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvHN_GSYVo4 the embed feature for this trailer wasnt there so heres the link to it. camer sucks but its the only trailer i could find. besides that the movie is looking pretty awesome to me. i thought it was supposed to come out last month but i have no idea now
  9. Keth


    i need to start searchin for these topics. Lol but yeah the movie is lookin cool
  10. Keth


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIpZxBczWUg and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IQcMeNh7Hc...feature=related links to the trailer of the upcoming movie 9 and the short film its based on respectively. Looks epic!
  11. http://www.amberdigital.com/where/index.ph....6&movInd=1 if thats where i am then life is too short....... coincidentally so was the big lebowski
  12. haha yea man. other than some obvious stuff in the movie deadpool was portrayed very well. alotta people were upset at the little screen time he had but its comin.
  13. "A solo movie for one particular "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" mutant character, Deadpool, is being pushed forward. Splash Page MTV has come up with the story, claiming that there is official word on "Deadpool" being in active development and that the spin-off will have Ryan Reynolds reprising his role as the mutant assassin known also as Wade Wilson. The official word on "Deadpool" movie being made came up soon after "Wolverine 2" was announced. A Fox insider reportedly informed MTV that "Deadpool" will have Lauren Shuler Donner and Marvel as the producers. Though the studio are still seeking fo
  14. i just read the 1st issue of a 5 part Deadpool story called Suicide Kings which is starting off really cool. has some real funny stuff in it so far
  15. its scheduled for this fall and of course the original cast reunites. updates, news, quotes? come on!!!
  16. yeah i played 4. i just havent beaten it yet. i wasnt serious about the otacon/raiden thing if thats what you're wonderin. lol....... i got to the part where old snake
  17. MGS5: Otacon..... will he ever be cool? Hell, worked for Raiden. i still need to finish 4 to see how it can keep going. liquid snake technically cant die cause of the arm thing right?
  18. woops! lol thanks for the edit. that coulda been bad.
  19. got me a copy of the 1st issue of the teenage mutant ninja turtle yesterday. yay for free stuff!!
  20. i wouldnt think cause zombies have no real conscientious and run on instinct..... unless you count the vague memories as the zombie's conscience. and there is no cheating. use whoever you want
  21. id say the regeneration rejects it. none of that marvel zombies stuffscratch that. everyone is susceptible. skills-wise, what team would work bestscratch that. everyone is susceptible. skills -wise, what team would work best...... i fucked up that last post
  22. Classic Romero zombie rules apply. An unknown plague has infected humanity and your last defense is to gather a ragtag team of fictional heroes to fight the undead menace. Not including yourself what 5 fictional characters would you ask to join your zombie squad? My 5 are wolverine, the punisher, ash(evil dead), the bride(kill bill), and the predator.
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