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  1. ^ Fact! Personal favorites: Takenoko Coup Shadows Over Camelot Acquire Zombicide (Though these are just from the ones I own.)
  2. This: Not a great show, but it was entertaining. The "let's combine" segment became completely unnecessary after the third time. It's not ol' Toonami level stuff, but it's damn close - and for that I'll check out the second season.
  3. Spoiler: Martians are still dickheads. . .
  4. I took the bait from a Blizz email about getting a free upgrade to WoD with a free 90 boost and a free 7 day pass (which is like offering up the table Tony Montana is sitting at in the end of "Scarface" to a once-junkie, but here we are); after the first day getting my Alliance toon up to 91, I was unimpressed - but, the Horde side (story-wise) had me right back in full on nostalgia mode with the whole storyline. I'm 92 on my Druid (bear) and I'm contemplating buying a time card. Not sure how I feel about the garrison situation though. . .
  5. Just watched episode 7. . . Ugh. So many feels! Trigger definitely knocked this one out of the park - and it's nothing like Gurren or Kill la Kill at all.
  6. This should be the show's tagline.
  7. Kabaneri is going strong. There's no AoT cliffhanger fuckery. A.Z doe! You'll get some feely-feels. Get ready!
  8. Just came across this anime called "Joker Game." It deals with Japanese spies right as World War II is about to start. The description didn't sell me on it, even though I love the World War II era AND spies; but I will say that by the end of the 2nd episode I was intrigued to see where it was going to go. It is definitely A LOT slower paced than everything else I've liked this Spring, but I think that's what makes it refreshing (and what helps it stand out). Consider it recommended.
  9. I am salivating for the 3rd episode to come out already. The action in episode 2 was ridiculously good. So. Good.
  10. Here's an image of Kiznaiver, so you can see how much it has stayed close to but has also evolved from Gurren Lagann and Kill La Kill. The post-apocalypse/zombie one I saw is called: "Koutetsujou No Kabaneri." The zombies have an almost "Attack on Titan" feel to them.
  11. Just saw the first episode of this anime and was pleasantly surprised to see the Trigger studio back at it again (with the white vans) with a very different premise than what I'm used to from them. This anime is going to follow a group of students who all share pain evenly between themselves. I'm digging the themes and the animation style, so I'm definitely going to see where this goes.
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