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  2. Umm, your the guy that used his waiver wire pick on a kicker, who kicked a shankapotomus. Nice grab expert. Who drafts Marshawn Lynch, and doesn't put Fred Jackson on their bench? Panch does!
  3. Fantasy Football kicks off tomorrow and I'm super pumped. I didn't have anybody playing in the Thursday night game. My rosters are pretty much set, does anyone have start/sit issues?
  4. I was offered a trade in one of my leagues this morning. Kellen Winslow and Derrick Ward for my DeSean Jackson and Cadillac Williams. I rejected it, because I have Shockey and I think he's in a much better situation then Winslow. Shockey has Brees chucking the ball to him, where as Winslow's QB is still up in the air. Also, Ward is going to second in a running back by committee, and I'm counting on Cadillac to return to the form that won him rookie of the year. Not to mention DeSean is McNabb's number one option. He's going to excel in ppr format. Both are on my bench. Any th
  5. I know what I'm doing, and it's still very time consuming. There is so much you have to pay attention to so you have a successful season ALL YEAR, not just a good draft. Granted this is what I choose to spend my time on, but to say it's not time consuming if you know what your doing is ignoring the amount of hours that you actually spend on this shit.
  6. WOAH!!!! It's great to see you back on!!!!

  7. I certify that it's a pay league. That probably doesn't mean a whole lot to you since you don't know me, but I'm AyersFORCE1 in our league. You emailed me today asking if it was a pay site. I paid my money when visiting Miami last week, so I'm good. I won't play in a fantasy league without putting money on it cause it's pointless. Yes, I do it for the GLORY, but, it's way too time consuming to not get paid off at the end. I'm pumped about my team! Yes, this is my first post in 4 years. I feel dirty now.
  8. I'm the reasone that ya boards is vacant.

    WhoDey'll hit ya, just to make a statement, bitch...

  9. shit son, I'm gettin a Wii asap, and you won't be able to stop Mii ever again. Pull the blinds son, its curtains.

  10. Hope youre stepping up your Wii boxing game, son.

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