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Red Faction: Guerilla


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So I know this game's gotten little love from the console gaming l337 here, but I gotta tell you guys: I haven't had this much fun with a sandbox game since GTA2, and here's why:


It's a pretty simple concept. You're a miner on Mars, initially trying on a fresh start but now avenging your dead brother, assisted quite handily by the separitist group Red Faction. I played the first one a fair bit, never looked to the sequel(to my benefit apparently), so I'm not all 'down' with the story but this is where it all picks up and while it's too generic to allow any kind of immersion, the characters are charismatic enough to endear themselves to you(especially this redneck Jenkins guy). As most of you know I'm by no means political so correct me if I'm wrong, but the base principle here reminds me a lot of the American independance, which is what I'm guessing Volition are drawing on for spirit & feel. You fight the EDF, corporate colonists from Earth who's expansionist mindset is clearly not in the locals' interests, hence the revolt.


What makes this game fun, aside from the incredible damage mechanic(and I mean incredible- anyone with a penis needs to play this before the next best thing comes along), and aside from the awesome one-up-manship multiplayer, is the campaign which pretty much lets you do anything. Simply want to blow holes in walls with your hammer? Go for it. Kill your compatriots? Check. Kill some EDF guys and then ellicit a GTA-style chase, possibly ending in your storming their fortress and literally levelling it? Oh my fucking god but that is fun if you can survive. Combine with that the fact you can fuck around all day long and still progress after a fashion, everything you do that's not killing your friends will get you scrap metal to upgrade or purchase weapons, liberate sectors, or even just rally support for the cause, which also comes in mighty handy because when you're in a pinch RF guerillas will come and help out, and they're not exactly useless(not that I pay a lot of attention to 'em).


If one of you Miamians doesn't have this come Hondoscon, I'll be bringing my copy because this is the new Soul Calibur in terms of being a party staple.

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yeah, see, that's the thing....kinda tired of shooters/sandbox and the demo, as you said, did no real service.

which isnt to say i wont give it a fair shake somewhere down the road (fuck, GTA IV and DMC IV are still waiting), but not until more compelling games like 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand are done.

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I finally got around to playing this and I'm having a blast. JZA is right on target up there and echoes my sentiments exactly. I've never played a game where I can get going fast enough in a heavy vehicle to drive through a building, leaving a looney toons-esque vehicle shaped hole in my wake.


Smashing fings into oblivion = good times. My only bitch is that it seems as if the game was constructed around the physics engine, not the other way around. It almost feels like an afterthought at times. Saint's Row 2 fans will appreciate the inclusion of the Ultor corporation, apparently they were serious about going to mars :blink:

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