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This thread is just an excuse to tell you guys about Vendetta Online. It's made by a bunch of Open source geeks and it is an awesome space sim MMORPG. Much like Eve Online except not as wankery. You get an 8 hour trial and then you pay $5 a month. Fuck all for a decent MMO I reckon. I'm addicted to it already.


Vendetta Online is lo-tech but pretty and very quick. Patches take all of a minute to load and there is an OS dependent installer depending on whether you're a Whimsical Windows user, Middle-ground Mac or a Loving Linux user.

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just shake the habit by november; my home is a drug MMO-free home. sen tried some softcore WoW herself recently, but this has been...replaced.

Come on, give it a try Nick...


Come and play with us. Forever and ever....


I know we have a Hondo's guild on one of the servers...

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