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OK, since I can't play online with this game, i'll go ahead and talk about the campaign mode. In french!


On first play one of the first things to really affect my style of play was the inability to dual wield and fall damage was on. There is no shields, but the "health system is similar. The only thing is if you get hurt, then you have to go find medipacks. So it's like halo one with no shields.... You basically alternate between characters in the ODST team during the touchdown of the covenant. Mainly, you will be the "rookie" looking/searching for clues for where your other members are at.


Meanwhile the handgun had been improved featuring a considerable zoom, very Halo 1 esque. Wonder if it deals the same damage, cause in halo 1, it was second only to the sniper rifle (rocket launcher doesn't count... you cheap killer). The assuault rifle is also there. Now is another automatic type weapon similar to the battle rifle, but it is not burst anymore and is "silenced"!~ Very nice addition. who knows if that really helps though... they hear your shots anyway. There is no "equipment" rather the x button turns on and off the enhanced vision/hud. You can now carry 3 of each grenade. and now you carry flares as grenades, but they are like moltov cocktails when they hit the ground. Of some note were the weapons, much improved, the Needler looking very cool indeed.


A cool feature was the new HUD option, which really helped in identifying enemies when the screen got a bit busy - enemies are highlighted in red. Kinda a double edged sword cause it seems cool and useless at the same time. But since a lot of the game takes place in the dark (which i don't like) you have to have the enhanced view on all the time. the whole the approach to the gameplay was exactly the same as previous Halo titles. your achievements are tracked whenever you do something on the right with little aim message like thingys


Graphically Halo ODST is supposed to be another step up - still 30fps but now with a range of new effects, motion blur, light glare and reflections besides a general improvement when it comes to detail. BUT, i didn't notice any improvement. mabye i'm not paying attention.... but the eye candy of the city is really cool in the dark with the neon and lights, but you don't really spend a lot of time with the image enhancement off. so that's about it


All in all, it's fun... but very shortlived. 2 days for me. it's like an episode in what other halos are full featured movies. Searching missions are kind of annoying.

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