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X-Men: Messiah Trilogy


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I really dug X-Men: Messiah Complex (thanks again for the TPB, gun), and have been following X-force and Cable both since - theyve tied together recently, as Cable has been protecting Hope (the last mutant, she's coming along) from a time-traveling, murderous Bishop who's certain killing her will end his dystopian timeline of mutants in camps. Its been a lot of fun, like taking the best of the shit from the 90s x-books and putting new takes on it (think early Ultimate X-Men).


Apparently, it all comes to a head in a forthcoming event, "The second coming"


Article's huge, ill not quote it here, but 2 things of interest: 1) Hope has been growing up, pic in that link shows what ive suspected - she's not coming back till she's ready, and 2) i know the "2nd coming" thing is about her, but dont act like we dont all see who else is in that pic i posted above.


Again, x-books have been surprisingly solid in the last year or so, looking forward to this.

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Psylocke died & came back and no one noticed. im not entirely sure who the blonde chick is. Kitty = gone.


most of what you need to know is right here - basically, after House of M and Scarlet Witch went all-powerful, she said "no more mutants" and that was that, there were 198 left (fewer now) and no new ones being created, so the species was looking at extinction. The linked event, Messiah War, was about a mutant girl born out of nowhere and every mutant/human group scorching the earth to get at her - the human hate groups, Sinister's genetic experiments, Magneto, everyone. It was a good read, but Cyk came out on top, and Cable whisked her away to the future - but not before Bishop went batshit-crazy thinking that this girl would cause the concentration camp future he hails from, so he shot Xavier and chased Cable throughout time.


Now it looks like Hope's grown up and coming back to our timeline, and i imagine the same parties want control of her/her genetics to either wipe her out or find out how to replicate them. Considering a) we dont know her powers yet and b) she's been trained by Cable as a soldier in various desolate futures (Cable meanwhile seems to latently be manifesting his telekinesis again, which is awesome and way overdue) she's fond of the x-men but she's not going to likely be anyone's pawn. should be good.

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Messiah Complex was the first in-continuity Xbook I'd read in a while(Xfactor & Astonishing, while relevant aren't what I'd call 'Xbooks'), and it rocked the fucking socks off me. NZA- Is there a trade or whatever collecting the second arc of this trilogy ala Messiah Complex? Colour me the same shade of ignorant as Ly, but regarding

Magneto: Did he die again? Last I saw he was killed in Morrison's Xmen, revived via 'doppelganger death' by Claremont in X-calbur or w/e, then still gravy at the end of HoM, right?



Ly- A Fables fan would definitely dig Whedon's Astonishing Xmen run- you should check it out to see the revival of



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i so had to look this up, cause he's been mostly off the grid. here goes. from wiki:


Manifest Destiny


He then appears, seemingly repowered, re-activating Sentinels to attack the X-Men at a "mutant kische" event in San Francisco. It is soon revealed though that the return of his powers are actually artificially recreated by a suit designed by the High Evolutionary, and that his attack itself was a distraction, so the High Evolutionary could gain an unknown object from the Dreaming Celestial, in order to further a shared goal between Magneto and the High Evolutionary.


After extensively examining the Dreaming Celestial, the High Evolutionary subjected Magneto to an extremely dangerous technological procedure in an attempt restore his powers, which has apparently succeeded as he referred to himself as Magneto rather than his alias as Erik Lehnsherr.


i didnt even read the latter part, just him getting defeated in a suit mimicking his powers on the low end. apparently, he's back? but he hasnt done shit since Cyclops basically took a page from his book in the day and made a mutant island off the coast of san fran or so to spite Osborn. i imagine he plays an obvious role in this event, coming to Hope's defense?, but im not sure what. he's got a lot of potential, id really hate to see him kinda parodied again like the end of Grant's run as some dethroned villain. i almost prefer him in the shadows, having a bigger effect every so many years when he shows up to do shit. it was impressive in New Avengers when he made the scene just to collect his daughter's body.

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yeah, the High Evolutionary card they sometimes pull is kinda cheap. all you gotta know is Scott went militant as fuck after Cable left, formed Stabforce X-Force as their black-ops to kill humans/mutants that endanger their own, and left the mansion for a fortified base in San Fran, which after pressure from Osborn they ditched for an republic-like island, a cool idea that's eerily close to what Magneto did in the day with Avalon. Remember that shit got silly after House of M with who lost their powers and somehow got them back all quick-like, only X-Factor and a few choice books stuck with whoever they chose to lose em.


im sure there's a 2nd trade. im really trying to catch you up to speed cause i recall reading a buncha stuff that didnt stand out for me at all, but the last mini of Dark Reign: X-Men Utopia and such (as well as the one shot "The Confession", which was alright) have been getting good again. All of this has been better than the directionless 198 shit they did on the Xavier Mansiongrounds where they declared it like a reservation for muties but the writers didnt know what to do with that, so sentinels showed up or some shit.

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