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All Hail Hitman Monkey


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Goddammit, Marvel. I know how calculated this character's appeal is, and I still can't help but be in love. A monkey in a suit who's an assassin? That shit's not even fair.


"Hitman Monkey is a soulful, tortured, jazz-loving 30-pound engine of destruction," explains Executive Editor Axel Alonso. "Think Chow Yun Fat from 'The Killer' as a monkey. To be specific, [a Japanese Macaque] monkey." ...


"Let's be clear: HITMAN MONKEY is the harrowing tale of a Macaque monkey from the mountains of Japan who, though fate and circumstance, is transformed into the world's deadliest assassin," Alonso continues. "I fail to see what could be funny about-oh. I see your point."


Hitman Monkey will actually debut as one of Marvel's digital comics, then show up in Deadpool and, apparently, Spider-Man.


When asked how he feels Hitman Monkey's appearance in a Marvel Digital Comics Exclusive will help build anticipation for the character's appearance in February's DEADPOOL #20, Alonso sees at least one simple reason:


"The fact that our protagonist is a monkey won't hurt." ...


Once Hitman Monkey does make his way into the pages of the Merc With a Mouth's own book, Alonso promises that "Deadpool and Spider-Man will never know what hit 'em. Hitman Monkey is a skilled martial artist and crack shot, plus he's got mad hops. He is really good at what he does-one might even venture to say, he's the best there is at what he-Wait."

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