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we had a thread for this & the Madrox noir mini-series, im assuming it was lost in the crash? anyway.


You remember after House of M when all the mutant books were in "Decimation" and basically crap again? And how after Messiah Complex started off, they (mostly) got a lot more readable? Yeah, at both points, X-Factor stood out among the crowd, and it did it with a cast most of us didn't give a fuck about ten years back with the same writer (jumbie excluded).


You've got noir-fixated Madrox, the multiple man (who sent his dupes out years ago to try almost every job/path, and has since had decision-making issues due to knowing where most paths lead, etc), Siryn (the late Banshee's daughter/Deadpool's ex, heh), a de-powered Rictor, Strong Guy (way more fun/interesting than i gave him credit for with his name and all), and a few since....particularly Layla, the girl who "knows things" - sort of.


Honestly, the book had some really shocking moments earlier this year with where it took the team's drama, really stand-out work from David despite somewhat spotty art off and on for a while now. Issue # 50 just came out & revealed a lot as well, was looking for more people to talk to about what David's doing with various x-men continuity. Seriously, if x-men was written more like this, people'd be all over it.

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I followed 2T onto this book years ago and didn't look back. Sadly I'm not all the way up to date on account of only buying in trade(though my complete premier HC collection is pretty sweet), but I gotta say the book used to be a lot better & unique than what it's become. I'd heartily endorse anyone unfamiliar to find the Madrox Mini 'Multiple Choice'. It's a brilliant take as NZA pointed out, and I look forward to some of those seeds sown to be uh... Harvested?


Did anyone ever read the Layla Miller oneshot? That was fucking brilliant.

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I wouldn't say I've dropped off, but tradewise I just finished SI,

Teresa's water has broken

and I'ma try getting my hands on the next one this week. I'm guessing the Arcade stuff is about to hit? I gotta agree also with the art. Does the original artist come back at any stage?

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i dont think so, but it gets more viewable later on. you should be right around the arcade stuff, i think? it was a short, painful few issues for me, but...the direction you're going in with that spoiler tag...yeah, post back when you're caught up past that much.

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Well, I got caught up with that spoiler tag today. (PS, the Arcade stuff was like 10 issues before that.)



Peter David set a high bar in the opening blurb, when he's all "The end will shock you! Keep your mouth shut!". I dismiss this shit.

But man...he wasn't kidding. That was some shit, and I didn't see it coming. I was suspicious that something would happen, since I kinda vicariously stay up to date with the X-verse and I'd never heard of the kid. That was a pretty awesome way for him to go out. This also opens the door to little Madrox dupes all over the world of varying ages. He'll never die

scumbag Madrox: dies next month




I'm happy Longshot is around. I always liked that guy. If Longshot fought Wolverine, he would just flail wildly and trip over a rock causing Wolverine to stab himself in the face or something.

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