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Fist of the North Star Musou (Hokuto Musou)


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Hokuto Musou is a Dynasty Warriors-style game based off the Fist of the North Star manga. Aside from the promise of two modes of play, one following the original manga and one "if" style scenarios."Channeling their energy into a single deadly blow, players can strike their victims and cause them to violently explode on screen. Gamers can also let loose with Kenshiro's signature move- a ruthless flurry of ferocious punches, triggering the instantaneous breakdown of internal organs, and death."
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edit: godammit, this is Logan....stupid shared computer...


Oh, FUCK yeah.



It's good to see the DW franchise doing something cool with their little formula.


Surprised I haven't already heard of this.

You guys ever play that Hokuto no ken 2D fighter for the PS2? Game was sick, pissed me off that we NA guys got fucked out of owning it legit.

This one looks like it has a pretty good chance of heading this way, it's been all but confirmed as far as I've seen.

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When Tecmo Koei brings Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage (née Hokuto Musou) to North America this fall, it will be more gore-soaked than ever before. But it will keep one important aspect of its Japanese release.


While we'd previously heard that the new Fist of the North Star built in the Dynasty Warriors style would be more violent upon its journey across the Pacific, we hadn't heard much about the localization. Tecmo Koei reps at E3 confirmed that the game would stay true to its Japanese roots, with the series colorfully named trademark attacks and finishing moves keeping their Japanese names.




The holiday season with be covered in liquefied guts, now that Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage has a release date. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 brawler lands in North America on

November 2, Tecmo Koei revealed today.


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Some enterprising enthusiast of Tecmo Koei's recently released Fist of the North Star (aka Hokuo Musou) put the game to its paces—at least in terms of how quickly it loads to gameplay—in six different ways. That includes the game running off a DVD, off a Blu-ray disc, off hard drive installations and with the fan service-filled downloadable content installed. The clear winner? The PlayStation 3 version that's installed to the system's hard drive.


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