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yeah, idve not known about it without GAF, either. its a 360 exclusive so far state-side, its available for PS3 in asian regions with english and all, but a big part of its appeal is its $20 price tag, which imports dont bring.


i'm 4-5 hours in and near the end (i think?) of chapter 1. you get what you pay for with this one, to a certain extent - the visuals arent up to snuff with current-gen games, the controls are the tank-like Resident Evil style, and man im tried of the vehicle/driving engine, cant wait to get this item to kinda skip it.


that said: it has all the graphical charm of some of the dreamcast's b-rated horror titles: the dialogue is hilarious in a way that makes you question if its intending to be at certain points (the protagonist FBI agent is an eccentric movie buff who talks to himself), the building scares deliver, and its no mini-game for the price, either.


as a horror buff, im enjoying this more than i thought i would. its tragically so off the radar with all the big releases in recent weeks that even gamefaqs didnt have a guide up last i checked, so info is kinda scarce. still, cant wait to see where it goes, the profiling scenes are quite disturbing. id love to see baytor's take on this title.

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That trailer was less effective than the Birdemic trailer and the graphics are just slightly above PS2 quality. What is it about? I think I saw zombies there, what are we looking at here? I'd give it a try on your say-so (I've found that sometimes the best Survival Horror games are the more low-tech ones) but if that trailer's suppose to get me to buy the game then it has failed.

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no, i dont think id be sold from that trailer, either.


you play the eccentric FBI agent with way too much movie trivia and an occasionally inappropriate shit-eating grin, dispatched to a small rural town to investigate a gruesome murder that might be tied to others. the game's opening has a farmer wandering a forest with his twin grandkids, who happen upon Anna, the town's 18-year old beaut, naked, hanging crucifix-style from a tree, eviscerated.


again, the game wanders between the town's other eccentric folks (most all of em) and the hammy dialogue/voice acting therein, to great moments of suspense and weird, as-yet-not-discussed-in-game parts where, basically, its like silent hill cause the world changes over and suddenly its just you and the repeating armada of blurry, creepy zombie things. also, ive recently found the game's antagonist can "cross over" but i dont want to get into much past what you get out of chapter 1.


every comparison puts it as being heavily influenced by Twin Peaks, a series im told i really missed out on and recently downloaded to correct this. the gameplay's not setting the world on fire, but the setting/atmosphere and what its going for are unlike much of what ive played this gen. again, i know i sound to be harping on the game's design flaws - you're already seeing a few - but im willing to bet if you go along for the ride, you'll be willing to look past them as well; just into chapter 2 now and im all about sorting out these suspicious townspeople.

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anyone else ever give this one a go? bish was enjoying the quirkiness of his copy, think he was bothered by the same monotonous driving parts (again, im told there's a way around them). word of warning if and when he sees this: game only gets weirder as it goes on.

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haha, bishopcruz was just asking about this one - replaying after finally seeing Twin Peaks would be surreal, it's such an obvious bite.


driving about can be a mess, but man some sidequests are worth it...particularly the ones that unlock unlimited ammo weapons, as the spawn points get mean later

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