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Foods from around the world


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I speak the absolute honest truth, when i say i have not eaten potatoes, since i was about 3 years old.



I also do not eat lasagna,stuffin,beef,cheese-there's much more i could add to the list!


My eating habits are bizarre to say the least.


Subway sandwich would top the list of my favourite food types

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Crazy! Those are all on mt favorite foods list. What do you eat on a typical day?



Mainly fruit and salad sandwiches :yup:


I always have cereal in the morning if i'm not in a rush


I could go through a day with a bananna and two slices of beans on toast though



Not that eating that little in a day is the most heallthy thing to do

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The language looks Vietnamese or Cambodian...


I love food from all countries. Although, I have never really tried real Mongolian--I hear there is a lot of fermented milk involved. Eh, I'll pass on that. Also Scandinavian--I don't like really oily fish or eggs, or dairy so I'm not sure if I'd dig that.


I'm posting in all the food threads tonight. I might be hungry...

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