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Phins trade for Brandon Marshell


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This is huge, 2nd this year and 2nd next year and a huge contract(really huge, maybe best in league for WR good)


He's got some character issues but no drug issues, he just got married, our FO is very strong and Nolan(who worked in Denver last year) said Marshall was the best WR he saw last year, and thats in practice.


I'm very very excited this has huge potentional but it could blow up in our face to be fair, NO GUTS NO GLORY!!!!

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The irony is just yesterday people were saying how this FO was too old for the nfl and shit, now it's all like woo hoo! the AFC east is going to be beastly this year(if the bills where better we might be the best divison in the league)


Heh, yeah the Bills haven't been too good since the 90's. I got the text and a bunch of Facebook statuses, so Miami fans are definitely excited!

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We are!!!


The afc east will be close this year I think, unless the jests implode(they might with all those...'characters' on the team) in that case it's phins vs pats and that will be a good battle(phins will win of course :P)


I hope the Jets do implode. Don't get me wrong, I like a close game, but those horrid Jets fans (much like Yankees fans) don't need any encouragement.


Phins and Pats are always a good match-up. We shall see what Belichick does with his picks and trades. (Though there's rumors still around that Bill might pick Tim Tebow. Oh God no. Are you insane? Wait, you called for them to run the ball on 4th down. Yes, you are. Please, no! We do not need a QB who was great in College but won't be able to take a hit in the Pros. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE ANYONE IN A PATRIOTS UNIFORM CRYING. EVER!)

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bad call, dolphins just shot themselves in the foot.


sure they're past their prime, but neither joe montana nor bo jackson have been picked yet. going for these up-and-comers instead of the tried-and-true players is why we wont win. BRING BACK MARINO, WE HAVE ROBOT PARTS NOW.

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and teddy ginn goes to San Fran for a 5th.... man the draft next week should be fun at least... 3 days of going crazy!


Definitely. Pats have 3 2nd rounders. I hope Bellichick uses them wisely. Please no Tebow!

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The Pats just signed Tory Holt. Not as big as Marshall and getting rid of Limp Wrist is for the Dolphins, but still it's something interesting to add to the mix.



Patriots boost receiving corps, sign Holt to one-year, $1.7M deal


NFL.com Wire Reports


Torry Holt said last month that he wanted to play on a team with an elite quarterback.


HQ video delivered by Akamai


That wish has been granted.


The veteran wide receiver will catch passes from quarterback Tom Brady, a two-time Super Bowl MVP, after signing a one-year, $1.7 million contract with the New England Patriots, a league source told NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora on Tuesday.


The Patriots needed depth at receiver because of questions still surrounding the health of Wes Welker, who suffered a knee injury during the 2009 regular-season finale. Holt provides a veteran presence opposite Randy Moss for New England, which also recently brought back David Patten.


Holt, 33, spent last season with the Jacksonville Jaguars, who released him in February after he posted career lows in receptions (51) and yards (722) and failed to score a touchdown for the first time in 11 NFL seasons. However, Holt's 63-yard reception during a Dec. 13 game against the Miami Dolphins was the Jaguars' longest of 2009.


Holt, a seven-time Pro Bowl selection in 10 years with the St. Louis Rams, is 10th in NFL history in career receiving yards (13,382), 11th in receptions (920) and tied for 27th in touchdown catches (74). He's fourth on the league's career list with 77.4 receiving yards per game.


The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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