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jackass looks like the best movie ever! i know i have over a month till it comes out in theatres, but i already have plans with like 4 guys to go see it:my dad, my best friend joey, my co worker steve, and jerry *my friend who lives in utah and is coming to visit at the end of october* i personally love the jackass tv show, but what are your thoughts on half naked guys running around doing stupid stuff that could kill them, jsut for kicks?

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Never seen Jackass. I have seen this other show where people send in videos of stupid stuff. World's most dangerous backyard deathmatches or something. Actaully, I don't think it's a show, it was a video. I think it's a video series. Anyone know what it's called? Anyway, in case you haven't heard, Monsters Inc is coming out tuesday. Mine's pre-ordered and being shipped before tuesday so I get it tuesday (or before). Sweetness!

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Reasons to pre-order a movie "like that":


1) So you can buy it when you're thinking about it so you don't have to remember to buy it when it comes out.


2) Buying online is typically cheaper if you shop around, even with shipping charges.


3) Pre-orders are usually cheaper than regular post-release prices.


4) Becasue listen to you, you talk like such a moe sometimes.

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