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deth rasers

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so check it out fello ninjas. a moovi came owt dat revolooshunizd da way peepl think of sinima. dat moovi iz cawld deth rasers, yo. it takes place in da fewcher and a sivle wor brakes owt in da us. then a red zone iz bilt then the us iz sayf. den sum mad mayhim insoos! R heros shaggy and Vj come in to have a deth rase to save the mutha fuckin world. ofa than da og icp, my fayv raser is metal machine man. o and off corse da hella sexi chik dryver double-dee destrucshon. dis movie iz off da fuckin hook an iz worf watchin. anybuddy c dat shitti one cawld def rase 2000 wit jaysyn safem? dat shit was hella wak. no miracals up in dat bitch. well dats my reveiw of da best moovi eva mayd. c it til you reech shayngrilla. pees ninjasi forgot 2 add dat da amownt of titti in dis moovi is unpresdental

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