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Betty White

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The recent Facebook campaign to get Betty White to host SNL was very successful. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Betty-White-...42514828?v=info


Now there's a movement to get her to host the Oscars.


But the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences says it isn’t ready to let Facebook make casting decisions for film’s biggest night.


Spokeswoman Leslie Unger says the academy plans to continue with its protocol of allowing the producers to select the host that will best serve the show they’re trying to put together.


Yeah. Now personally, I think Betty White should host everything, but SNL was more about convincing her to do it. Lorne Michaels had been trying to get her for years. Oscars...different story. I'm curious to see how many folks get on board.





edit: Oh. Photobucket has Terms of Use. Now I know.

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No challenge at all... mine is OBVIOUSLY superior.



Seeing as yours actually has a reply (even thought it was just to point out the other thread) I guess I have to concede that it is superior.

Mine does have boobs though.

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