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this one's been all over Bendis' site, big expose on it at the end of this month's issue of Powers (which was also really good; we should bump that thread)...he + Alex Maleev are finally on their first creator-owned series. This is the team that brought Daredevil to the top of Marvel's books, and tore it up again recently with the all-too-short Spider-Woman book. Seeing them on their own title (Icon no less) is something that's been long overdue, for me.


First issue's out & sets the stage: Scarlet is damaged after events retold therein, and realizes the world is too...and plans to "do something about it". I know that's pretty vague, but anyone that's read Alias or Jinx knows Bendis is absolutely playing to his strengths here: crime & strong female protagonists of his own creation are among the things he does best. What's different from his usual element is that there's almost no 4th wall to be broken, at times.


I'm not doing this justice, here's some stuff:







oh god i love Mack's art so hard

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I liked Jinx and Alias quite a bit, more so than most Bendis. Jinx woulda been better if it had, y'know, an artist, but that's neither here nor there.

Never read his Spider-Woman but I saw the first ep of the motion comic, that the same thing? Tracking down stray skrulls for s.w.o.r.d.? Seemed cool.

Despite all that I'm having a hard time getting excited for this without knowing more about it.

Hey, it's an Icon book. They already finish the screenplay?

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haha quite you, that's Millarworld you're thinking of!


the very same, as i recall Bendis said it was that motion comic effort that wore them out, something about having to storyboard each issue a shitload of times tired them off the project. was a good, short run, and im always a fan of Bendis pulling the plug rather than letting it drag on to nowhere (he did the former with Alias and Ultimate Marvel Team-Up, as i recall).


trailer i posted has talk of "starting a revolution" and the like, but - based on this one issue - you know, meat of it's in the dialogue; BMB flows so much better with his own mouthpieces than franchise characters...as an example, central to the character is a love story you get a window into, however briefly, that feels happily more like the really good ones in indie books than the usual painful ones in supes books, you know?


ill be honest, there's not enough in this first issue to get me hooked onto the character...its really the creative team i love, and the idea they have going intrigues me. Honestly, i had fun with Siege & marvel stuff but im remembering how much better he writes for his own team (Powers), just like anyone would, so i'll likely jump on the trade unless Skrulls somehow invade by issue 3 or so.

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Had this in my hand... and put it back, but the only reason it made it there in the first place was because of the team. Still, I can't get into ANOTHER book because I'm trying to keep my titles down. DAMMIT... might have to go back to the comic book store tomorrow...

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so, ive still not read Baltimore: The Plague Ship # 2, Marvel U vs Punisher # 3 or Secret Warriors # 19 yet, but issue 2 of this one came out, and its my book of the week, hands-down. its know that i adore this team, but the writing...the lack of regard for the 4th wall is really working for me here, she feels way more human than i usually get from comic characters.

this trade is so bought.

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