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bum bah bum bah BUMBADAHHHHHH


it just occurred to me, we've got love threads for Castlevania & other classic series, but somehow not this one. Well, we do now!


really, we can talk about how awesome the series is (Contra III > I > 2 > Hard Corps/Shattered Soldier/4/Rebirth etc). For years, the original Contra (NES moreso than the arcade) was like a standard for action/co-op titles. Super C was an enjoyable follow-up, but clearly in its shadow, and i forget what i hated about the Gameboy one.


...then Contra III: The Alien Wars showed up, and the series blew my mind again. side-scrolling took turns with top-down levels to show me ass-kicking bosses (great new ones & classic throwbacks!), and the beauty of Mode 7 once in a while. I used to play the air cycle level with Lords of Acid or something like that in the background, just such a badass level.


Hard Corps on the Genesis lived up to its name, and i dont even recall getting to level 2 in Shattered Soldier. I gotta get back to 4, and Rebirth as well, now that i know classic controls offer more gameplay options. But yeah, CIII is up there with Strider as one of the classic pick-up-and-play games for me, as i seemingly never tire of it. What about you?







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Contra is one of my "once a year" games being that at least once a year I will pick it up and give it a play through. I PLAYED other Contra games in the series but I can't remember any of them off hand. The first one still has a lot of magic for me I just don't think I gave any of the others a chance really.

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