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That figurine is pretty awesome. I looked at a bunch of the other figures on the site, and I think its the lighting from below that makes this Super Sonic figure really stand out, because everyone knows Knuckles is way cooler than any version of Sonic, and his figurine doesn't look nearly as bad ass, so the lighting is the only explanation.

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Yeah you can never get all the emeralds if you have Tails unless you get player 2 to control him.


You mean this Sonic statue on the left hand side of my desk.




By the way Jax, Knuckles isn't cooler than Metal Sonic/Mecha Sonic (the one from Sonic & Knuckles), hmmm now that would be awesome. A statue of Super Mecha Sonic stading on the master emerald! I would hand over a blank check for that fucker.




Yeah thats the shit right there.

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true...but im playing again on XBLA, and forgot how retarded Tails AI is. he fucks it up for me, every time.

ps the sonic 1 statue from this line is awesome, too.

HAH! ..noobs B)


PS Sega fo life baby. I neeeed this for my bday, got that everyone? Jan 5... sonic figure... after um... "final approval??? o_O what is that?

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mannnnnnn....if anyone can get all the chaos emeralds in Sonic 2 on XBLA (i dont recall if it was harder on genesis, i usually had a second player) call me. his AI is ass, and everytime we're on the 3rd goal of any bonus stage, i jump or sidestep mines while he decides to just chill and shed like 50 rings.

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