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I really can't believe that there was no thread for this series until now. Straczynski's really an amazing writer. He use to write for that Sci-fi show, Babaylon 5 and he's now one of my all time favorite new comic writers. He finished with Midnight Nation, another fucking amazing series. He's currently writing for Rising Stars and Amazing Spiderman. Both which he's stopping soon. I don't know what he's gonna be doing after these series finish up.

But here's your chance to get in on the groud floor and catch up to everyone else who's been diligently reading his stuff.

Rising Stars is up to issue 20 right now and it actually inspired me to start up this thread. I'm sure IC will love to interject his opinions soon. And I really owe him for starting me on this writer so early on.

I really encourage you to read all 3 aforementioned series because they are all really phoneomeanl. But if I had to put them in order of favoirte, it'd go somethign like: Rising Stars, Midnight Nation, Amazing Spiderman I know it's strange that spidey isn't higher on my list but knowing how much i love spidey then you understand how the other two had to be out of this world to rank higher.

The only problem I have is that I can't get enough of Straczynski. He take forever to write Rising Stars, but hey can't complain. I haven't seen Jeff Smith put out a new Bone in what 5 months?

As for Midnight Nation, you are lucky that the series is finished and you can probably get the whole thing in paperback soon. But for us really die hard fans, we got months to go til the next Rising Stars comes out. Atleast Amazing is more frequent. I get my fix that way.

pheeww...Now I feel like a true comic dork. :D

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Good call :kitty:. This seires is often related to Watchmen. which most should know is a huge recommendation.

The issues show up irregularly (Strzinsky is currently working on a movie of the series, in addition to his comics), but its about 5 or so issues of finsihing, and its coming to a hell of a climax.

I wouldve mentioned this series long before - i think i did, too - but I figured it best to wait till its finished & put in trades, this crowd goes more for them anyway.

But in all honesty, this thing really does read like a modern-day Watchmen, s howing how superheroes might act in real society, and what, if any, good they might actually accomplish. Ive cited this one for philsophy papers too, so rest assured the writing's top-notch.

#20 just made it out Mulan, what'd ya think?

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Wow, what do I say about issure 20? Everytime I read a new issue I think, "That was awesome, it doesn't get any better than that!" But then he puts out another issue and I'm humbled. His writing has always been phonomenal, but with every issue there is never a slow slump unlike Salvation for Preacher, but again there's always a reason for the madness. As for solely on issue 20, I was already sold on this series way back on what issue 1? But let me tell you this...





That one spread, yeah that one, had me jumping and screaming "HOLY SHIT!. This is so FREAKING AWESOME!!" I always knew they'd do something with him again, it was just a matter of time. Again, method to his genius. I wanted to cry, scream and laugh all at the same time. Is that possible? With Straczynski anything is possible. It's THE total comic experience.


Wow that made me sound even dorkier than before. IC look what you turned me into :mischievous:


edited to hide spoilers

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:kitty: - So ya know, were hiding spoilers right now by putting "" before the spoiler, closing it at the end - that way its hidden until you highlight the text.

In Preacher's defense, it's almost 3 times the series' length, and I enjoyed Salvation. But yeah, a good point is that Strazinsky was smart to keep the series short: there's not very many slow parts, and he uses the few ones there are very well.

I still think the issue that dealt with the Middle East was my favorite so far. Again, its just an outstanding read, not just for characterization & pacing of plot, but even how some of the humans regard the Specials strikes me as very well written.

The first trade (if not 2) is out, but again Ill hype this one more to Junker, :D and others when its finished, nothing like having it layed out for em sequentially.

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Just in case anyone besides me & Mulan were wondering why the #$%@ this series seems to have stopped 3 issues shy of completion..


From JMS' news page


"I've asked Top Cow for three things: for Dream Police back, since they've had

it now for 3 years and have done nothing with it...for confirmation that the

Joe's Comics title belongs to me, and for an apology for deliberately keeping

me out of the loop on my own project at the feature stage and misleading me

about drafts that had come in.


Once those three things have been attended to, I can finish the series."




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So, many years later, # 24 came out, and the series finally ended.


Ive talked with Cap'n about the ending, and....ok, i wont spoil anything, but i really enjoyed it, and that was with me somehow missing # 23 and playing catch-up. It was a damn fine way to tie up all the events, including the story's origin. For those who've enjoyed JMS' writings, you really cant miss this one...its the kind of idealism i really enjoyed in # 13 (i think), the issue about the middle east. Shame the artist had to switch off, but this was all id hoped it would be, here's to hopin for a proper trade collection soon.

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Well, I've read the first two trades, and they're great! :ohface:

I'm looking forward to the last of it. But where do Rising Stars - Bright, Rising Stars - Untouchable, Rising Stars - Voices Of The Dead, and Rising Stars Prelude come in?

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read the first 2, didnt finish voices, and i forget prelude - theyre expansions done after the series tied up, so its kinda like "if you really want more, here it is" - think of all those Sandman Presents stories that followed the series. Not essential, not gaiman, but you know, good if you want more from that universe.


This series is amazing, there's still elements of it ill see in other books. I hear you can find the whole thing in one hardcover, but i cant find that shit yet, sadly.

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I figured Vertigo (and occasionally Batman) were DC done right.


Vertigo deffinietly has added greatness. I personally think batman gets way too much hype and fans. The last movie was great, and I've read some cool tpbs, but I've just never been able to get into DC.


When I say DC done right, I mean more like imagine if you took the existing DC characters and made them awesome. Thats kinda what I was gettin' at.

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Yeah I'm pretty sure I've seen a Absolute edition of Rising Stars, I'll keep an eye out for two Nick.


ANd Squadron Supreme are such blatant analogues of the JLA they even crash-landed here on Marvel Earth from an alternate reality they'd apparently destroyed. I was a fan back in the day, before Thunderbolts I'm pretty sure SS/Avengers used to have an annual slugfest over somesuch. The new stuff, I read the 1st 18 and then it just kinda dropped off the map for me. They don't do a whole lot more than fleshing out the nuerotic Superman & Black Batman, though the occasional stuff involving the flash analogue being a corporate whore was fun, the image of Power Princess being a dessicated living corpse shall haunt me to my deathbed. Gary Frank's pencils are great for this, who illustrated Rising Stars?

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