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Legend of heroes: Trails in sky


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this is the limited edition.





amazon link


On March 22, Xseed will start bringing over the last of the original contracted games from Falcom, the Legend of heroes 6 trilogy, Sora no Kishi(trails in the sky).


This is a long standing Jrpg series, we did get some of the early ones on psp but they had horrible translations and they have nothing to do with this story.


This series(sora no kishi) has been very successful thus far selling over 1 million units in Japan and spawning a side story, Zero no Kishi.


The story spans over 3 games(the 2nd is the first 2 umd game) and contains a huge huge amount of text, around 1.5 million Japanese characters(FF12 has about 600k for reference). This ranges from just party text, npcs and even things like newspapers in game to tell you more about the world!


If your a fan of Jrpgs you owe it to yourself to pick this up, so far the Y's release have done well for Xseed so there's hope for this, remember if you buy it on PSN you will also be able to play it on psp2.

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Game looks to be great. Old school JRPG done right from everything I have seen, and it's Falcom, as well as ported by them, so it will be a good port. If you have a PSP and like Lunar style JRPGs this one should be right up your ally. Still amazed that we are getting a US release at all. Cannot wait.

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so about 6 hours in due to picking it up late and work and shit, but god this game is great. The combat is a touch slow(so says george, I havn't noticed) but the translation has been great, the combat is fun, and makes you think, just going in swinging will get you killed(depending on your level of course) and the characters are great.


In many ways this reminds me of a tales game in terms that it feels very character driven(though with a better overall story from what I understand) and there is so much detail and random things in the world and everyone has so many things to say and do.


If you like Jrpgs, if you like tales games, if you like rpgs period, hell if you have a soul, get this game. Also... Please Please Please don't pirate this, this is a niche game and I want to help make sure we get the rest of the games in the serious(translation work has begun on 2.) hell at this point I"m seriously thinking of double dipping cause I got the psn version for my go and my future NGP, but I want the LE stuff, if I do that I might give out a umd to someone who will play the game. maybe....

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ok finaly got around to beating it, I need to figure out why I always drop out of rpgs 30 hours in and pick em up later...


Great ending, great story, great fucking game, if you have a psp and claim to like jrpgs at al(looking a you nick :P) then you need to play this game, right now in fact. get to it!

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heh, it will always happen


no hurry, just taking a shot - honestly, im dying for when we get a solid PSP emulator. Id really like to play this one, and the remakes of Persona 1 & 2 on a full screen one day. this and Xenoblade are like my current rainy day RPGs, heard so much good about both that i look forward to diving into them after the coming release rush.


besides, we both know bish is playing 5 titles and finishing none

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related - Confirmed: Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Coming to PlayStation Vita!


The image, supposedly from a post card that comes with a Falcom drama CD, refers to the game as Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki Full Voice Version and lists a release of Spring 2012. Details are promised at http://www.zero-full.com.


I don't have any way of verifying if the image is legit or not, so you should probably consider this a rumor for now.




if you listen closely, you can hear gunsmith unzipping his pants

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Well, Xseed has said they are doing everything they can to get it out. I think the big thing is figuring out how to get a 2 UMD game onto PSN, but Type-0 is apparently doing it, so there is hope. XSeed wants to do it, and they said they will unless it proves completely unfeasible, plus sales weren't quite up to what they wanted, but they did a kinda crappy job getting the word out on the game.

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XSEED update on Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter


All I can really do is assure you guys that progress is… slow, but existent. There’s still a mountain of work left to do, though, and we’re still on pretty shaky ground with this title," Tom Lipschultz, Localization Specialist, explained. "The first game hasn’t exactly turned out to be a top-seller for us so far (despite overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans), which means we really can’t justify prioritizing the second (especially given its insane length). But we’re not giving up! We still plan to move forward, slowly but surely, until the project either gets done or becomes completely and totally unfeasible – whichever comes first. If series fans want to hurry us along, they’ll need to convince more people to buy the first game so we can have more funding to hire more people to work on the second, and have bigger numbers to convince our investors that Trails 2 is worthy of being prioritized.
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