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This thread is for questions that you have that you don't necessarily want to make an entire thread for/or really have no clue where to place it...


If there is already a thread that exists on this, please merge! TY....





Here's mine:


If you are going to a concert, is it bad form to wear the band's t-shirt? I mean, is it considered tacky? Benny says it's cool to wear the t-shirt just like you would wear a sports one if you were going to a game, I think that it's too much...I mean, everyone who will be there knows why you're there, no need to announce it...what do you guys think?

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Lotta people hit the merch booths before the thing starts and will generally change into purchased & branded items so, yeah it's okay. What I find weird is people wearing other band's shirts @ festivals and shit. The number of people wearing DK shirts to No Sleep Til, I wanted to approach, offer a consolitary hug and tell them it'd be alright.

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