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Rush Concert Review

Reverend Jax

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Well, I just came back from a 3 hour plus Rush concert (2 sets of 90 minutes with a half hour intermission plus an encore). They played at least one song from every one of their albums expect two (15 out of 17) including several instrument songs (Yyz, La Villa Stragiato, Leave That Thing Alone, the 2112 Overture, the intro to Cygnus X-1, and the incredible drum solo, The Rhythm Method). Great sets, and some nice extended solos. Lots of great sing-a-longs since like everyone in the audience knew all the words to all the songs (the songs that had words that is). The light show was great. They had some great footage on the big screen for each song. During By-Tor And the Snow Dog, there was this hilarious cartoon of Alex (guitar) and Geddy (bass, vocals) fighting, first as beach body builders having a flexing competition, then as dogs, then and giant robots (transformers style) having a dance-off, all the while Neil (drums) was sitting in a chair reading a book, only to end with Neil beheading them both. Hilarious! And in the middle of La Villa Strangiato, Alex went into this Tragically Hip-inspirited story (goes something like this: "So like, then I walked into this aquarium and there was all these fish, like yellow fish and blue fish but the scariest fish there was this huige flying shark..." and on and on like that.) Truely an amazing show. I know alot of you guys have written of Rush, but you are truely missing out. If I find pictures, I'll post them.

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In retrospect, recommending Vapor Trails was a highly flawed decision on my part. That like recommending one of Tolkiens other books (besides The Hobbit or LOTR) to get someone into Tolkein, or recommending a Hook or AI to get someone into Speilberg. Not that I think Vapor Trail was bad, just not universal, and only for those already into Rush, and since it was just coming out, I was really excited about it. You have heard their classics like Tom Sawyer and The Spirit Of Radio, right?


3 hours plus a half hour encore ::trying to remember all the songs they played:: ...26 songs, I think, give or take 1.

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