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Sweetwater is a thriller/drama about a young black woman, Day who’s mother, Desi, is dying of cancer. To fufil her mothers last wish Day chooses to sell her mother’s life insurance policy to raise money for a trip to New Orleans so they can spend one last Christmas together away from small town Texas. Day asks Calvin (Savage), Desi’s employer for the money but Calvin refuses bitter from the loss of his wife ten years earlier. Calvin is a researcher for the Pharmaceutical company Syncare and is retiring from a successful career. Syncare for the last ten years has been the leader in Cancer Treatment. His daughter, Joey (Lynch) is one semester away from graduating from college and is being pressured to start medical school, however Joey has other plans, she desires to attend art school like her mother.


Joey buy’s Desi’s life insurance policy and is sucked into a wild adventure with both woman. Joey avoids her father Calvin who is being targeted by hot shot attorney, Trey Crawford (Cain) to reveal what the Jonas Project really was. The Jonas Project was shut down by Syncare after a group of bandits shot up the Mexico Test Facility. Syncare deemed the project a failure. Crawford believes the Jonas Project was a cure for cancer. However, Dean Taylor (Katt), Calvin’s long time partner would like to keep that project long buried no matter the cost. Joey, Desi and Day are sucked into Calvin’s past as they discover an encrypted file called the Jonas Project.

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