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pre-E3 2011 rumor thread!


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i want to berieve


A reliable source told iWaggle3D today that the Raiden-centered MGS spin-off Metal Gear Solid Rising has switched developer, escaping Kojima Production to infiltrate Platinum Games (Bayonetta, Vanquish). Viewtiful Joe and Bayonetta creator Hideki Kamiya is apparently directing the game.


But wait, there is more...


While unable to confirm nor deny Move support for Rising, our source shed some light on future plans regarding the MGS franchise as a whole.


Besides confirming the PS3 remake of Peace Walker (likely to be a "PSP Remaster" with possibly 3D support, albeit he couldn't tell for sure), he also revealed that the next installment in the "main" MGS franchise (Metal Gear Solid 5, basically) is scheduled for this generation as a multiplatform release, with PS3, Xbox 360, NGP and "possibly 3DS" mentioned as landing platforms.


Finally, PC *PORTS* of MGS1, MGS2, MGS3 and MGS4 are bound to be released digitally via Valve's e-Commerce portal Steam.


Of course, like with any rumor, you might want to digest all of the above with a pinch of salt. While I have no reason not to trust the source that shared these details (I wouldn't relay this information to you otherwise), internal production plans can change, so...


Hopefully the upcoming E3 will set things in stone with some official confirmations from Konami.




nothing about this isn't awesome. any of it being true would be fantastic.

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I was completely creeped out as a teenager when Psycho Mantis broke the 4th wall, looked me in the face at 3am and called me out for getting all the characters in Suikoden. I was stoned and it gave me goosebumps.


That said, I haven't played a MGS game since. I imagine I should catch up sometime, or at least play 4. Maybe I'll snag the bundle on Steam, but I'd much rather have a PS3/360 compilation disc.

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I remember borrowing the PC port of MGS 2 off a freind. This was before DVD roms where common place in PC's so the fucker was stretched over 7 cd roms. We have come a long way baby.


Portable Ops was an awesome game they should make that for PS3 or have they done it already?

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oh, man.


logans - if you got a BC PS3 (or old PS2 about), you can have MGS collection for like $15 used, and only miss out on some of 3's bonus disc contents. i adored 2, but honestly, MGS3 is the best the series ever saw, and in my mind, will prolly remain that way for a while, sadly. 4's good for what it is, but storywise, a hot mess - 3 got kertins in tears like the first day we hung out.


hats - peace walker took the bets bits of PO's gameplay and tacked on a story - granted, it stayed in the shadow of 3's impact, but it's an awesome game for the rest of it, so look forward to finally playing that (with dual analogs, as god intended, assuming this is all legit).

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