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So Planetary is one of those that comes up every now and again, but noone ever really discusses.


Couldn't find an existing thread because the search engine blows, let's start talking and if I find an original thread I'll merge later.


From Wiki

Describing themselves as "Archaeologists of the Impossible", Planetary is an organization intent on discovering the world's secret history. Funded by the mysterious Fourth Man, the field team consists of three superhuman beings: Jakita Wagner (strong, fast and almost invulnerable); The Drummer, (can detect and manipulate information streams, such as computers and other electronics) and new recruit Elijah Snow (can create intense cold and extract heat). Planetary member Ambrose Chase (can create a "selective physics-distortion field") was also a member of the field team until apparently killed.


It's 27 self-contained issues(30 if you count the specials) of Ellis just going apeshit in a physics sandbox while John Cassidy draws what he sees. THere's an overarching story of firstly, discovering the identity of the Fourth Man and later on their ongoing battle/capture of their opposite number The Four. Ultimately this is the kind of story structure I fucking love. The first 49 or so issues of 100 Bullets were kind of like this except more arcs, but just the self-contained tales revolving around a greater mystery/story unfolding is just poetry in motion when done right. High points for me so far are a John Constantine analogue faking his own death to become Spider Jerusalem(not kidding), a Japanese novlelist/would-be messiah eating the flesh of irradiated monsters to gain their powers, and The Four, being an evil analogue of the FF setting up POW cities dedicated purely to scientific pursuits sans morality ala Rapture. It also helps that I've a serious boner for John Cassidy's art. ANyone else read this?

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If i wasn't so stuck on the rule of threes... The organic harddrive retaining the information of deceased & betrayed cop-ghosts would have been #4. Seriously, this is probably Ellis at his best as I've noticed he'll get bored easily if he doesn't find new conventions to fuck up.

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Planetary was awesome. It's like every issue was just his take on a sci-fi staple (I've been saying for years that Invisible Woman should be blind when invisible, it thrilled me to see it addressed). I never did finish it though, I think I've got like 10 issues or so left. I should just start all over again.

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Yeah do it, man. I blazed on through all 27 issues in a few days and what's more, I understood most of it too! Wrapped it up last night and while the ending itself is oddly satisfying, what I'd consider to be the epilogue just did my head in.


I don't know who we're supposed to be rooting for in that cover you've linked Logans. The Dragon or the albino kid?

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