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Alright, surprised and also not surprised there isn't a thread on this.


Aussie black comedy centered around a woman, her boyfriend and her pet dog, wilfred.


Here is the original pilot episode which won best comedy award at a festival in 2002. If you dislike this you have no soul and deserve to watch glee with Arch.



The original aussie series that followed this was fucking immense. Beyond words almost in how good it was. Its been remade into a series in America on FX I think, starring Elijah Wood. Anyone caught it?


Either way, watch, love, discuss.

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I've seen a few of the original series episodes and I'm about 8 episodes deep in to the US series. I like 'em both, but the US has a slightly more dark/ominous feel to it knowing it's all coming from Ryan's mind. And in the last episode I watched where Wilfred goes to the hospice was closer to an episode of Twin Peaks than a comedy. I think I need to switch on back over to the Oz series for a bit. It seems to have a bit more whimsy about it. At least it did in the pilot and cat episodes I've seen. . .

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