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recently, Persona 4 reminded me that these delicious treats existed, and have for over a century now. when i was little, i would look for the rare ones, but lacked an internet, so i imagined pengins and unicorns and maybe dogs were there, i just wasn't finding them, or not paying attention whilst eating them and watching cartoons.


turns out, there was a vote back in 2003, and a bunch of mouthbreathers voted koalas as the new animal. i was not informed, and thus, penguins missed out (though they are currently offered in the austin zoo variant, which i will try to obtain at h-con 2 no doubt). They have turtles as well, which is pretty awesome.


it's highly possible this belongs in logan's imposing things i learned thread, but nuts to that. who else consumes & studies these like small pokemon cookies? by the by, i just found the gorilla, but he can't be that rare cause he's on the goddamn packaging.

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