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Loved the first one, now there's sequel news!


Also $50!


I probably won't pay that for it, but still.




The game will be $49.99. "Deep Silver has tried to put to bed some of the rumours that have already emerged due to the pricing of the game. Firstly they confirmed that “It is a new game. Not a remake.” This was followed by an explanation for the low price tag being “That’s not a placeholder that’s the real price! It’s the end of a console cycle- we think this price makes a lot more sense given that"[6] Deep Silver's Aubrey Norris has stated that the game is not "Dead Island 2". Other media organizations call the game a spinoff. This could hint that there are future plans for a game under that title in the series, possibly called Dead World.


Spinoff or not I'm excited for more zombie bashing. Hopefully they give it some much needed polish and show some hints as to where a numbered sequel might go.

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Dunno how I missed that when you posted it. I just saw it and came here to share.


I came to a different conclusion than you. I thought that was a beautiful trailer, not just aesthetically.

My first thought was "Here they go again, making another brilliant, emotional trailer that has nothing to do with the game", and I'm certain that's the case. Whoever makes these needs to do something else other than games where you run around and beat/shoot things.


Dead Island trailers aren't just better than Dead Island, they're better than most videgames.


The first one, for posterity.


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So I just played the prologue plus some on Riptide and so far it's the exact same game.


That's not necessarily a bad thing... still very fun, but not more polished at all. Again, just on the prologue, but so far I notice no difference in graphics, sound or gameplay. Only new areas.

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