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Ok, so lemme preface this by saying I really did look for this thread before creating one. I could have sworn there was one. But maybe if someone happens upon it we could marry these threads together?


DoJ suggested I go ahead and create a thread for Hondo's musicians to show off their work, and so here I am!


You all are pretty awesome...I don't think I would have had the courage to show off my stuff to anyone else so boldly, lol. That being said, to the folks who have already suffered through the songs I posted in the other music thread...thank you. Seriously. I'm kinda shy, and it takes a little bit of courage to post my own work here, as I'm always afraid it could have been better, heh. But then I thought...what's the point of releasing an album, if you can't post it for friends to listen to? Plus, this community is full of incredibly talented folks, and I get a kick out of seeing your art, reading your amazing poetry, and in MetalHeart's case, listening to your incredible songs. So to those of you that have some tracks kicking around the internet somewhere, please post them here! I can't wait to hear it :)


Ok, so here are some of the tracks on my latest album (Concrete and Chrysanthemums). Here's a link if you wanna dl it: http://www.headhat.net/webhat/wh028.html <---- it's totally free, and if you get a chance, check out some of the other artists on that label. It's mostly hiphop and crunchy beats...I'm kinda the black sheep of the head hat family, lol.











Ok...I think that's it. Well actually there are a couple other songs on the album that I just havnt put on Youtube yet. Also, the covers are different on a couple of these, because I few of the tracks are re-released from an album I did a few years back. I wanted to release them with these other tracks though, because it kinda fit together in a good way.


But yea. Thanks y'all, for giving me a platform to do this. It means a lot. And I seriously can't wait to see what everyone else has been working on! Mortiis...I'm looking at you ;)

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A 2 second Nudge.

And ya'll can edit the embed and play with it, I just figured it would fit with the spirit of the thread.

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Logan that's pretty fucking rad. Where did you find it? I've seriously been playing with it for 5 min. It's crazy how literally 2 seconds of music can start to consume you, lol.


Also, if you like the way that sounds, you should check out a guy called Com Truise. I think you would dig him! :D I mean...I know it's just a silly program, but I keep meaning to tell you about him anyway. Ill go post something in the music thread real quick.

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