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The Superhero Game


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Fantastic forum needs another game besides count to a million.


Ok this one is similar to the movie game with a few quirks.



1) First I'll make up a super hero name.


2) next person makes up what super power that hero has. as outlandish or generic as you want (more outlandish the better though.)


3) same person^ makes up another superhero name, but it has to start with the last letter of the superpower. and the game goes on like that.



If anyone has a suggestion to make the game more enjoyable shout out.



in the meantime Ill go first.



















Edit: I took out that stupid letter rule. I read over 10 times and finally realized it was stupid. Just a simple hero to superpower imagination game.

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Cannon-Head (sic) has the arcane ability to make the tip of his penis be considered "official" to the fanbase of a fictional universe.




I am confused by the rules of your game. So mine should start with an "e"?


I think, perhaps, it would be better if the next super hero name started with the last letter of the previous, since I plan on having overly convoluted super power explanations.

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That's what it was originally, then I thought that made no sense, then I changed it, then I realized that made no sense.




I just changed it again so its just simply superhero-power-hero-power. None of that letter nonsense.



So you name a superhero now and the next person makes up their own powers for them.

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Has the ability to make people's toenails grow to tremendous sizes, or shrink so they are no more. The former would be advantageous as to weigh down foes and cause a great deal of pain if they are wearing shoes, the latter would cause a great deal of annoyance to foes if cool air hits their feet.... or cause a great deal of pain if they are wearing shoes.



Manic Mole








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Has the ability to pop open corked bottles without even touching them (or losing the contents). Unfortunately, the Phantom Corkscrew's powers are completely dependent on no-one in the room knowing of the true identity of this mysterious party-goer (and thus, receives far fewer invitations than he or she would otherwise).



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Technically all tardigrades are unstoppable but TUT, as his friends call him, has the advantage of being twenty feet tall. This can cause some trouble and quite a mess since he is indeed unstoppable.




Malcolm Luther Xtreme Jr.

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