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I don't know, while I'm rather forgiving of Psycho 2 (genuinely good) and Psycho 3 (It's... interesting.) I feel like we've mined all we can out of Norman Bates and the Bates Motel that we can (particularly with Psycho 4 and the original attempt at a Bates Motel TV show.) I might check this out but I can't imagine much from something where I know what's going to happen with the characters anyway.

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I like the show so far. Pretty good. Aarty saw the first 3 episodes but at that point, it became too much. It's in Norman's past, yet modern times (He texts, references iPhone usage) so it's a conflict for the Hitchcock purist. I think it's an awesome story, and you kind of get to see how/why Norman breaks down and gets his character psychosis from. I love good horror, hell I even love bad horror (Uncle Sam the movie when I was drunk with a friend back in college while home one summer. Funny shit). But all in all this seems good. Only 2 episodes left for the season. Can't wait to see them, see where this ends up.

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