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having caught up on cosmic Marvel, i tried out the first 2 issues of the new series, and...normally i'd wait till the first arc is over, but this one's pretty good so far. Bendis + McNiven make this one feel about more Star Wars-y for some than usual, but it's a fun, action-packed book and doesn't require you to know too much about past events, at least so far anyway.


Anyone else reading it? and yeah newt

i have no idea why either Starlord or Nova are back, but DEAD IS DEAD :LOL:


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She's Genis Vell's sister and has basically the power set of the original Captain Marvel.  And yes, this team is implausibly even more overpowered than the Annihilators.


Is it really too much to ask somebody to throw Death's Head on the Guardians? Or to bring back Mantis for a bit? Jesus Christ.

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It's pretty likely he'll make the team, it says only six of them will be the new Guardians so my money's on Star-Lord, Groot, Darkhawk, Nova, Phyla, and Moondragon.  If anybody's going to be bumped it's going to be Darkhawk or Nova due to the fact that they're bastically the same character so that Adam Warlock can be on the team.  Beta-Ray Bill, Silver Surfer, Cosmic Ghost Rider, and Gladiator are far too powerful.

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