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Chris has declined. Angel & George never gave me a clear answer. Alex is ignoring me. Iceman was the only one other than the folks mentioned that confirmed. Which comes out to 4, maybe 5.


I'm giving this another week. 8 is all I need. Hopefully the people that have confirmed will get on the others to join. I know this isn't really everyone's cup of tea, but it takes very little knowledge and basically takes care of itself. Just think of it as a Warewolf game, but with real world participation.


Edit: Alex says no.

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I'd be interested in having a go, the problem is that I know nothing about the sport and Madden doesn't seem to want to make the issue any clearer so, if someone can link me a 'dummy's guide to gridiron and then drafting for a fantasy league/ panch's preferred ruleset' I'll do the homework and be ready for season start.


When is season start?

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