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Catch Me If You Can

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Catch me if you can is the second Spielberg movie to come out this year (Minority report, my favorite movie of the year, was the 1st). Catch me if you can, like it's predecessor, deals with Spielbergs unhealthy obsession with running. I predict that his next movie will be a remake of the Charlie Sheen classic "The Chase". Anyways, this one was just fun. Fun fun fun. Not an ambitious, brilliant experience, but it was a really fun, smart lighthearted romp.


Leo Decaprio plays Frank Abignale Jr. a young con artist, and Tom Hanks is the FBI agent who chases him. Decaprio has easily won my respect this week (not that he didnt already have it) by displaying his range. In Gangs he's an intense, vengeful warrior and all this, and here he's a charming kid, light on his feet and smarter than 90% of the people around him, but also quite sad and lonely. Christopher Walken plays Frank's dad and Martin Sheen also makes a bit of an appearance. Fine cast, everybody seems to have a grip on the feel of the movie, and they dont get too heavyhanded for the light tone.


Speilberg's movies are starting to look increasingly "Spielbergian", with light beaming through windows all over the place and glowing orbs where all the lamps should be, I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing, so far it's very very good. I like the look, and I just hope he doesn't overdo it in the future. I wont try to explain any of the cons in the movie, because they are so funny and cool I'd hate to spoil it. Most of the fun is watching Frank improvise and think his way into and out of trouble. Amazing that all this stuff is true.


So, this comes very highly reccomended. I like the fact that one of these big shot masters of film can step back and make a simple, fun movie out of a great story.

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yea i saw this one yesterday and really dug it a lot....


my friends and i were rooting for the antagonist (leonardo dicaprio)


i too gained respect for mr. dicaprio....last flick i saw him in was Celebrity...and that wasn't exactly a stellar performance. catch me if you can was awesome, i won't give anything away, but one of my favorite scenes was the one with that girl from alias..... quite humorous...

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DeCaprio got such a bum fuckin deal after titanic it's not even funny, that movie set him back like 5 years. Makes no sense, star in the highest grossing movie of all time ( and a damned GOOD movie if I say so myself) and everyone hates you till two of the best directors alive come to your rescue. And he didnt exactly go on a binge... Hell he made good choices! I would have fuckin done the beach... It's the director of trainspotting for chrissake! And it's a decent concept. Bad direction and directionless writing fucked up the beach, not decaprio. And Celebrity was a fine choice too, Woody Allen made it right after "Deconstructing Harry" and "Everyone says I love you" so he was not in a slump of any kind. Think he also did "Man in the Iron Mask", a harmless action flick. So, if anything, DeCaprio made exactly the right choices in trying to get rid of his pretty boy rep. (much like brad pitt) but just kinda got screwed over. I'm glad he's out of that, it sucks to have good talent out there not being given a chance.

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He really has made great choices...I mean who knew Titanic would suck? And it really did. It had the potential to be this great epic thing, and they made it into a stupid "love story" The MAn in The Iron Mask sucked too. Otherwise, he's made very good choices. Gangs rocked, and Catch Me... was excellent. Brilliant even. Had to say, I loved it.

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