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I remember making a Joe Mad thread before the Tim G incident because I had seen his art (namely from Darksiders) and really, really liked it. Being the noob I am to comics I did not know that was where he made his mark, and was excited to find out you guys knew more and I was able to learn more about his stuff. Anyway, I went and read Battle Chasers, and I totally see how infuriating that would have been back then to leave the comic at the point it did. Well good news folks, unless you missed the video game thread, the comic is also coming back in pog form. And despite what some Nzaysayers may say, it looks legit. Thought I'd make this thread to keep the comic and game news separate.

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On 3/5/2015 at 9:15 AM, The NZA said:

he's a bum


he got me into ninja scroll/anime though, from an old wizard interview so there's that...i was a fan of his x-men work


still a bum

Because he ignores deadlines or some other reason?


Fun fact- one of those Wizard appearances showed his office, with his 64/Saturn/PS set up and that was my inspo for the first Fortress.

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less deadlines - he was terrible at those, but who at cliffhanger wasn't? - and more just dropping the book off entirely 


i was a big fan of battle chasers in the day, and then it stopped, for years.  other artists offered to pick up the slack, but joe was busy cashing checks for PSM covers (which were awesome, granted).


he came back, though!  promised all sorts of things, did a few more issues and dipped out forever.  i thought it was really shitty, and hell, even rob schrab (sp?) came back & tied up Scud, however late/forgettable.  


i keep hearing the game ties things up but i also hear it's grindy as fuck

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