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I don't know if any of you have been keeping up, but when zach de larocha left rage against the machine, Chris Cornell, the lead singer of Soundgarden got together with Rage for a project that was rumored to be called "Civilian."  They were booked for ozzfest and everything, but just recently, Cornell left the band.  This really blows, that was basically my main reason for going to ozzfest (I've already seen system and ozzy, tho I'll gladly see em again).  Good news is that they stayed together long enough to have an album ready.  So that'll still come out, though that's about it for that collaboration.  I can only wonder what the members of rage will do now, maybe there's some other freelance lead singers out there. ::Eyes Billy Corgan and Jerry Cantrell::

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I still say it dont feel like Rage without Zach.  Dont get me wrong, Morello's a badass too, tho.

Any word on why they didnt get along? Im guessin politics, Cornell's cool but never struck me as an activist like them.  

*Cornell's first week on band* Morello: "Hey, Chris, how do you feel bout commies?"

Cornell: "Uh...fuck em...?"

Morello: "....youre fired!"


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Nah, so far there's been no comments by rage or cornell about the split.  hell, as far as anyone knows they never planned to do more than 1 cd.  It obviously isn't rage against the machine without Zach.  Chris Cornell is certainly not going to start rapping or anything.  Which is why they were gonna call it something else, just a completely different band.  One big quote was "Chris is NOT the lead singer of Rage against the machine."  I don't get it though, because I read an interview where tom morello was just raving about how great cornell was and how incredible all the songs they recorded were.  Maybe they caught cornell eating taco bell (morello is leading a boycott against TB for the sweatshop conditions in their tomato fields)  Woulda been a great collavoration I think though, Morello has guest starred on a bunch of stuff without zach, so I could easily see him in a non-rage band.

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Yeah, I know, Zwan...  Though they're being very weird about it, they don't want the band to get huge, can't even find their live songs online! I was just kidding bout those suggestions, I really just have no clue what RATM will do.  hell, maynard james keenan is in two great bands already, maybe he should try for a third?  Break some sort of record, especially sinece he'll be a part of that "Tapeworm project" thing reznor is doing... Hardest working man in the business I tell ya.

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